Cleaner & Antiaging System + Gift Mousse Perfect Cleanser


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Latest generation T-Sonic Facial System. Cleaning and anti-aging massage in a single device

A skin free of impurities, soft and 100% luminous in just 2 minutes.

1 single device with 2 parts:

  • Antibacterial silicone cleaning head whose filaments remove 99.5% of dirt and dead cells, leaving skin smooth, luminous and ready to apply your cosmetic products.
  • Aluminum head with which you can perform a low frequency anti-aging massage and apply your Bellirium cosmetics maximizing the penetration of active ingredients.

Ideal for all skin types.

Why choose it: The most innovative facial care system.
A must for your daily routine

With Cleaner & Anti-Aging System you will hallucinate. You will have a powerful cleansing and anti-aging function in a single device.
Cleaning Head:
Removes 99.5% of makeup and impurities in just minutes.
Sonic technology with which you can reach up to 9.600 sonic pulses per minute.
Designed with medical grade silicone that allows continued use of the brush. You won't have to change heads and it is very easy to wash and dry.

Anti-aging Massage Head
Innovative metal head that performs a low frequency massage with which you will improve muscle tone and avoid the appearance of wrinkles and expression lines.
And also ... You can apply your cream and / or serum with it, maximizing the penetration of the active ingredients ... Come on, almost like a professional.
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No return is allowed except for brush malfunction within a period of 12 months. In this case it will be replaced by another, shipping by Bellirium. If the original packaging is not opened, it can be returned (see Terms and Conditions).

How to use

- Power off: After cleaning, press the center button again to turn off the device. It will turn off automatically if it has been inactive for 15 minutes.
- On: press the button in the center and, when the light flashes, you can start using the brush.
- Power *: you can modulate the intensity of the pulsations (10 levels) using the buttons on the right (to increase the power) and the left (to lower the power).
* Important: for sensitive skin use power
half. For normal skin use maximum power or
the one that provides greater comfort.

For skins

For all skin types

19 valuations Cleaner & Antiaging System + Gift Mousse Perfect Cleanser

Based on 19 reviews.
  1. Diana -

    I have no words to express how HAPPY I am with this WONDERFUL 2-in-1 device. I have been IN LOVE with it ever since I first used it. It is very practical, super easy to use, does not require much time and visible results are achieved immediately. Without a doubt SUPER RECOMMENDED, in addition to leaving your skin cared for and with an instant lifting effect, it also helps to spread the cream, which saves on product and penetrates much better. And his cleaner the most, both the head and the mousse INCREDIBLE. I can no longer do without him, he goes with me everywhere.

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  2. David A. -

    Verified ReviewVerified Review - see originalExternal link

    Relatively expensive

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  3. George I. -

    Verified ReviewVerified Review - see originalExternal link

    It is a real joy and they have already begun to tell me that I have a better face. With a week of use ...

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  4. Amaya Entrambasaguas Ortiz -

    Verified ReviewVerified Review - see originalExternal link

    The best, to use daily and with immediate results

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  5. plumm -

    Toppie… ik ben er heel blij mee ik gebruik het s.avond samen met het schuim…. dan gebruik ik from ampulle met het ledmasker… .. een echte aanrader… .. 👍

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    Verified ReviewVerified Review - see originalExternal link


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  7. Carmen Cabanillas placeholder image -

    Verified ReviewVerified Review - see originalExternal link

    Delighted with my toy as I call it, it leaves the skin radiant and wonderful

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  8. Yolanda M. -

    Verified ReviewVerified Review - see originalExternal link

    Well, I love this product for about a month that I have been using it and it is already an essential part of my routine. It was a great success. The skin leaves you with a feeling of cleanliness that you will not get using your hands. I'm delighted.

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  9. Cristina R. -

    Verified ReviewVerified Review - see originalExternal link

    I have always been concerned about facial cleansing because, no matter how good a product you have, if the skin is not properly cleaned and prepared, the results suffer. So I decided to get hold of the Bellirium Cleaner. The exquisite customer service and the results that I see with other products such as the LED mask have generated a lot of confidence in me, so I knew right away that this solution was for me. I have noticed results from the first use: a real cleaning sensation and with the Bellirium cleaning product a very luminous and uniform skin from day 1. I was a little scared because I have sensitive skin but following Eva's advice, no I have had the slightest reaction. Oh, and I thought that I would be lazy every night but the other way around: it is a moment and it has become almost almost a relaxing moment for me. I recommend it without a doubt for all skin types.

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  10. Censi Guerrero Fernandez -

    Verified ReviewVerified Review - see originalExternal link


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  11. Miriam -

    The brush is amazing… And the mousse too! I use the brush at night together with the mousse and I love how my skin looks ... In the morning I use only the mousse and the luminosity it brings is amazing!

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  12. Marta -

    It has been to start using it and for my skin to hit a change. My pores are tighter, my skin is more uniform, cleaner ... This brush is addicting! Thanks for the little samples, next the Flash ampoules !!!

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  13. Martina L. -

    I am very very happy with the purchase… I have to say that when I used the mousse the first time my skin got a bit irritated although you already told me it could happen to me… But from the second time it left me with perfect skin! 🙂

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  14. Lucia -

    I discovered you because of the led mask (with which I am delighted) and now I have repeated with the brush… And I am already hallucinating for only 4 days that I have it and there is no comparison with others that I have tried… Thank you!

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  15. Rocío O. -

    Glad no, the following ... I'm in love with this brush and mousse! I do not stop recommending it, my skin is super clean, smooth, with the unified tone ... It is my essential!

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  16. Bertha Ll. -

    I love!!! thanks for your tips 🙂

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  17. Patty S. -

    My sister bought the foreo one ... and from what I see this brush is more powerful and has a massage head (a very tasty sensation) also much cheaper ... thanks for giving the mousse as a gift! another discovery girls!

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  18. Pilar Cano -

    I have already thrown all the cottons! it also leaves my skin hydrated! I've only been 1 week ... but this promises

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  19. Marieta -

    Simply amazing how the skin leaves !!! I was hesitant to buy it but I am delighted !!!

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